Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Some homework for those in Personal Coaching session

Thank you for signing up in the comments.  I look forward to working with a small, but interested group!!

Some prep work to make this session productive:

1. Key strategy - WHO do you wish to reach - WHAT do you want them to do?  You can put it in your blog or on paper, but a clear goal is the starting point.
  • The more specific, the better - example = too vague
    • WHO 5 star Hotel HR person - WHAT offer me a position
2. Future focus - what do YOU want to be known for - what expertise or aptitudes do you want others to appreciate.

3.  Understand Linked In's capabilities - tech + marketing positioning - read Hubspot's excellent guide - 1 thru 21 applies to individuals - how many of these features are you currently using?

4. Key search phrase research from job posting for the types of positions you aspire to - you will need to use/add words that potential recruiters are using.

OK, see you in our session.


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